* Perspective Desktop [#w11c41c0]

Perspective Layered Desktop for Cooperative Work


** Abstract [#kf0ab8ce]

We propose a new technique to visualize a workspace for collaborative work as a set of layered virtual screens in 3D. In conventional synchronous groupware, a user's workspace is tiled into some shared spaces and a personal space to show all of them simultaneously, so the size of a personal space is very restricted. We propose a new technique that shows groups' shared space just behind the personal space repeatedly. This 3D perspective workspace realizes also supports awareness as it enables to show shared space always. Users can aware others' action in shared spaces and also aware modification of shared information.

** 概要 [#cbc25232]


** Publications [#b0470af4]

- 塩澤秀和,岡田謙一,松下温.   背景と奥行きを利用した協調作業空間.
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- Hidekazu Shiozawa, Ken-ichi Okada, Yutaka Matsushita.   Perspective Layered Visualization of Collaborative Workspaces.
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Proc. ICPP'99 Workshops (International Workshop on Collaboration and Mobile Computing), pp.80-85, IEEE CS Press, Sep. 1999. ([[PDF:http://vilab.org/archive/3Ddesktop/3ddesktop-cmc99.pdf]])

- 塩澤秀和, 野田純也, 岡田謙一, 松下温.   協調作業のための奥行きのあるウィンドウシステム.
情報処理学会 インタラクション'99 (インタラクティブセッション), pp.49-50, 1999年3月. ([[PDF:http://vilab.org/archive/3Ddesktop/3ddesktop-int99.pdf]])

- 塩澤秀和, 野田純也, 岡田謙一, 松下温.   奥行きを利用した3次元協調作業空間.
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