* 2chArcs [#qe65ce26]

Movie: http://vilab.org/archive/viz2chthread/demo.html


** Abstract [#f8680b23]

This paper proposes a technique to interac- tively visualize the liveliness of discussions and the reply relationships of messages on online discussion boards, and describes prototype software that visualizes the liveliness of any topic thread on 2channel (Ni Channeru) [1], Japan’s largest online discussion site. 

This visualization is based on a line graph of the number of postings versus time. To show reply relationships on the same chart, this visualization utilizes the technique of Thread Arcs [14], which show reply relationships as semicircular arcs that connect message plots. Furthermore, for users to know the length of each message, the visualization can plot a message as a pair of small bar graphs on the same line graph.

** 概要 [#ae06497b]


本手法では基本的に,横軸を時間とする積メッセージ数の折れ線グラフによって議論の盛り上がり可視化する.そしての同一グラフ上にメッセージの参照関係を可視化するために,Thread Arcsの手法を応用し,返信先と返信元を結ぶ半円の弧を描画する.さらに各メッセージをそのバイト数に応じた長さでプロットすることで,ユーザに情報量の目安を示す.

** Publications [#m238b547]
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