Biography / CV

Hidekazu Shiozawa, Ph.D
shiozawa (at)

Associate Professor
Department of Software Science
College of Engineering, Tamagawa University
6-1-1 Tamagawa-gakuen, Machida-shi, Tokyo, Japan 194-8610


  • Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University, Japan (1994-2000)
    • Ph.D in Instrumentation Engineering (2000)
    • Dissertation: Interactive Visualizations for Information Spaces and Collaborative Workspaces on Computer Networks
    • Supervisor: Yutaka Matsusita
    • M.Eng in Instrumentation Engineering (1996)
    • Yutaka Matsusita and Ken-ichi Okada Laboratory
  • Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University, Japan (1990-1994)
    • B.Eng in Instrumentation Engineering (1994)
  • Asano Senior Highschool
  • Birth: April 2, 1971

Employment / Teaching Experience

  • Tamagawa University (2003-present)
    • Professor, Department of Software Science (2015-present)
    • Associate Professor, Department of Software Science (2008-2015)
    • Assistant Professor, Department of Intelligent Information Systems (2003-2008)
    • Courses: User Interface Design, Algorithms and Data Structures, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Graphics, Operating Systems, Game Programming, Programming (C and Java), First Year Seminar, etc.
  • Tokyo Denki University (2000-2003)
    • Instructor, Department of Computers and Systems Engineering
    • Courses: Programming Exercise (C and Java), Database Exercise, Computer Literacy, Student Experiment, etc.
  • Keio University (1999-2000)
    • Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Economics
    • Courses: Computer Literacy

Academic Society Affiliation

  • IPSJ (Information Processing Society of Japan)
    • Editorial Committee Member, Information Systems Group, IPSJ Journal (2007-2011)
    • Board Member, SIG on Groupware and Network Services (2002-2006)
    • Steering Committee Member, International Conference on Collaboration Technologies (CollabTech) 2005, 2006, 2011
  • Virtual Reality Society of Japan
    • Committee Member, SIG on Cyberspaces and Virtual City (2005-)
  • ACM
  • IEICE (The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering)
  • Human Interface Society (Japan)

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