* Natto View [#jbb3c1b5]

Natto View: Interactive Network Visualization using Natto Metaphor


** Free Software [#s2a4f989]

- nvj - NattoView/Java 3.0alpha (NEW VERSION)
-- Executable: http://vilab.org/nvj/nvj-20071105.zip
-- Source: http://vilab.org/nvj/nvj.tar.gz

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** Abstract [#o60f09b9]

The Natto View is a set of 3D interactive visualizing techniques and provides dynamic focus+context operation for graph structure such as the World Wide Web. Information nodes, or HTML documents, are placed on the fundamental floor-plane in 3D space, and users can select and move arbitrary node with direct manipulation. As the user lifts a focused node up, the nodes to which it links are lifted up together, and thus complicated networks are disentangled dynamically. By three dimensional perspective technique, the user can view both details of information connections near the selected node and global context of the large information space like fisheye lens model. The differences of the Natto View from most of other graphical visualization are: It supports not only visualization but also interactive and dynamic manipulation on users' demand. It is a layout-independent method and thus suitable for dynamic enlargement of diagram such as incremental access to huge distributed information networks.

Keyword: Information Visualization, WWW, Hypertext, Hypermedia, Overview Diagrams, Graphical Visualization

*** What's Natto? [#l74a6193]

Natto is a kind of Japanese food made of soybeans in a ferment. As it is very sticky, if you pick a bean up, some ones nearby it follow together, and others nearby following ones also follow and so on. Our new visualization is based on the metaphor of natto, so we call it the Natto View.


** 要旨 [#rd7a586a]


** Publications [#m61073ba]

-H. Shiozawa, K. Okada, Y. Matsushita:
3D Interactive Visualization for Inter-Cell Dependencies of Spreadsheets,
Proc. IEEE InfoVis '99, pp. 79-82, Oct. 1999. ([[PDF:http://vilab.org/archive/NattoSpread/nattospread-infovis99.pdf]])

- 塩澤秀和.   インターネットの視覚化「納豆ビュー」.
別冊日経サイエンス125 変わるネット社会, 松下温(監修), 日経サイエンス社, pp.86-89, 1998年12月. ([[Text:http://vilab.org/archive/NattoView/natto-nikkei.txt]])

- 塩澤秀和,西山晴彦,松下温.   「納豆ビュー」の対話的な情報視覚化における位置づけ.
情報処理学会論文誌 Vol.38 No.11, pp.2331-2342, 1997年11月.

- H. Shiozawa and Y. Matsushita.   WWW visualization giving meanings to interactive manipulations.
HCI International '97, Aug. 1997. ([[PDF:http://vilab.org/archive/NattoView/natto-hci.pdf]])

- 塩澤秀和, 相馬隆宏, 野田純也, 松下温.   切り取り操作による柔軟な情報選択ができるWWW視覚化.
情報処理学会ヒューマンインタフェース研究会研究報告 97-HI-71(11), 1997年5月. ([[PDF:http://vilab.org/archive/NattoView/natto-sighi.pdf]])

- インターネット、情報検索容易に〜関連性、点と線で立体的に表示.
日経産業新聞 1996年4月4日 (GIF)

- 塩澤秀和, 西山晴彦, 相馬隆宏, 松下温.   情報の関連性と他人数アクセスに着目したWWW空間の視覚化.
情報処理学会グループウェア研究会研究報告 96-GW-18, pp.61-66, 1996年6月14日. ([[PDF:http://vilab.org/archive/NattoView/natto-siggw.pdf]])

- 塩澤秀和, 西山晴彦, 松下温.   協調検索型ハイパーメディアのWWWによる実現.
情報処理学会グループウェア研究会研究報告 95-GW-13,pp.13-18,1995年7月.


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