* viLab [#b64612d0]

Visual Interface Laboratory~
Department of Software Science,~
College of Engineering, Tamagawa University

** Research Themes [#d110d1e9]

- Information Visualization
- Human-Computer Interaction,
- Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

- [[Research Activities (in Japanese)>研究テーマ]]

- Past Projects
-- [[Natto View: Interactive Network Visualization>NattoView]]
-- [[Perspective Desktop>PerspectiveDesktop]]
-- [[WASABI: A Haptic Window System>WASABI]]
-- [[2chArcs: Visualizaing 2ch.net Threads>2chArcs]]
-- [[RecipeFinder: Visual User Interface for Cooking Recipe Search>RecipeFinder]]

- Downloads
-- [[Natto View>NattoView]]
-- [[Document Files>/research/]]
-- [[Document Files>https://vilab.org/research/]]

** Information [#qc8fa778]

- Professor
-- [[Hidekazu Shiozawa>Profile]] ([[塩澤 秀和>塩澤秀和]])
-- [[Biography]]
-- [[Publications]]

** Contact [#ja7417a9]

- [[Hidekazu Shiozawa>Profile]]
- shiozawa (at) eng.tamagawa.ac.jp

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